A verstile and Inspiring work space

The virtues of an invigorating environment are limitless and so are the planning options at Block 162. The efficient, column-free floor plates work for either creative office space or traditional office environments. 

With so much latitude and so few constraints, Block 162 is a new workplace and an ideal fit for today’s workforce.

Expansive Mountain Views

Floor-to-ceiling, high-performance glass maximizes natural daylight while minimizing solar heat gain. The result is a bright, fresh and engaging office experience throughout.

With office floors beginning on Level 11, views of Mount Evans from every floor, plus famous fourteeners Pike’s Peak and Longs Peak.

Panoramic Views

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High Rise View

Mid Rise View

Low Rise View

Stacking Plan

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Building Features



High Rise

Mid Rise

Low Rise





High Rise

Mid Rise

Low Rise

Site Plan

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On-Site Retail

Block 162 will feature nearly 10,000 square feet of street level retail along California and Welton Streets in three distinct retail spaces.

STyLISH and Elegant Lobby

Block 162’s lobby, with stone floors, dynamic angular concrete columns and wall finishes of luxurious stone and warm wood, offers direct access to California and 15th Streets, with elevator entry to all parking and office levels.

Light Rail and Downtown Transit

Located at one of the most accessible nodes in the Denver metro area, Block 162 is adjacent to light rail access at the California Street stop, and close to the Downtown Circulator Route and 16th Street shuttle. Union Station, with direct rail access to Denver International Airport, and beyond.

Highly Efficient and Adaptable Floor Plates

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  • Super-efficient rectangular floor plates
  • Lease depths ideal for planning versatile work spaces and providing natural light deep into the interior
  • 30-foot exterior column spacing with 5-foot planning module
  • 10-foot ceiling heights on typical floors
  • 13’-9” ceiling heights on Level 11
  • 12-foot ceiling heights on Level 30
  • No interior columns

Low Rise Stack

Levels 12-21

29,100 RSF

High Rise Stack

Levels 22-30

29,800 RSF

Private Office Plan Test fit

2 Executive Offices – 15′ x 15′
82 Private Offices – 10′ x 15′
1 Receptionist
5 Conference Rooms
2 Huddle Rooms

85 Total People
350 RSF/Person

Mixed Open/Private Office Plan Test Fit

1 Executive Office – 15′ x 15′
29 Typical Offices – 10′ x 15′
120 Open Offices – 6′ x 5′
1 Receptionist
6 Conference Rooms
4 Huddle Rooms

151 Total People
197 RSF/Person

Open Office Plan Test fit 

4 Executive Offices – 15′ x 15′
20 Typical Offices – 10′ x 15′
147 Open Offices – 9’6″ x 5′
1 Receptionist
2 Conference Rooms
2 Huddle Rooms 

172 Total People
173 RSF/Person

Building Facts

floor Plates

Floor Area: 29,100 RSF (Range from 28,100 – 29,800 RSF for individual floors)

Perimeter Columns: 30′ typical with column free corners

Lease Spans: 43′-9″ typical core wall to inside face of glass along north and south (broad) sides, with 44′-0″ along east and west (narrow) sides

Floor-to-Floor Height: 14′-6″

Clear Heights: 10′-0″ clear to ceiling on levels 12 – 29 (13′-6″ on Level 11, and 12′-0″ on Level 30); 12′-0″ clear to underside of fireproofing (if exposed) on typical floors

Exterior Wall

Perimeter Windows: 10′-0″ tall vision glass

Window Modules: 5′-0″ typical mullion spacing – with extra-wide 6′-1″ window module at corners 

Integral Window Shade Pockets: Integral pocket within mullion system, sized to accommodate roller shades

Vision Glass: 1″ insulating glass with high performance low-e coating at office tower

Solid Elements: Natural stone and composite metal panels, with integral-color CMU at rear garage façade 

Core and Lobby

Lobby: Class A lobby with stone floors, wood paneling, custom beveled concrete columns, double-height structural glass exterior wall, and stainless steel and glass accents

Elevators: 12 Destination Dispatch passenger elevators (6 serving high rise bank; 6 serving low rise bank), 2 freight, 3 garage

Freight Lobby: Enclosed within core, secured

Closet Space: Electrical and tel/data IDF closets on each floor

Restrooms: Class A finishes with Privada toilet partitions; accessible from both sides of core; Increased fixture count to accommodate higher tenant occupant loads.

Fire Stairs: Oversized to accommodate a higher occupant load


Structural Floor System: Cast-in-place concrete supported by composite steel deck

Columns: Rolled steel wide flange columns, girders and floor beams

Lateral Load Resisting System: Cast-in-place concrete core shear walls

Live Load: 50 PSF + 15 PSF for partition for office area and 100 PSF for core area